In the interview with IndieWire, Kyle MacLachlan reflected on his movie “Tesla”, Quarantine and the awaited science fiction film “Dune.”

When speaking about “Dune”, MacLachlan clearly said that the upcoming film is almost “impossible” to be adapted on the big screen.

Kyle MacLachlan is now 61, but like fine wine, he is just getting better. At this age, he likes to play the roles which are more mature and grounded. His previous roles like Agent Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks and Tom MacDougal of the popular sitcom are not as per his taste anymore.

In the interview, he showcased that he is still a very well mannered “nice man”.

“Tesla” explores the brilliant mind of the early nineteenth-century inventor, scientist, and researcher “Nikola Tesla” and in particular his rivalry with his foe Thomas Alva Edison. The development of AC and DC current was noble work for humanity in general. Still, the acrimonious rivalry in the early nineteenth century between Tesla and Edison slowly shook the world, the ramifications of which can still be seen today.

In the film “Tesla”, Kyle MacLachlan plays the role of the former colleague and an eventual rival of Nikola Tesla-Thomas Alva Edison.

MacLachlan who is renowned for his roles in David Lynch’s film, says that there was no issue with Edison’s character and that he settled down in it with “quite ease”. “The Brechtian” quality of the film is evident as the film is anachronistic in nature with Eve Hewson breaking the fourth wall sporadically.

Kyle MacLachlan had also played the role of Paul Atreides in the 1984 film “Dune.” The role which will go to Timothy Chalamet of Interstellar fame. The 1984 released film, however to this day is disliked by David Lynch himself.

MacLachlan explains that he doesn’t feel the dislike about the forgotten film as strongly as Lynch, adding the fact that he “has no hard feelings” about the general critical opinion that the film was not well made.

He talks about the story and says that it is “dense” and resembles Netflix superhit show “House of Cards.”

He wished all the best to Blade Runner 2049 director Dennis Villeneuve whose directorial venture and a new iteration of 1984 model “Dune” is about to be released in December.

MacLachlan disagrees that a two-part film adopted by Villeneuve will really solve the problem, but he is quite “curious”. He believes it needs at least five films to really express itself in front of the audience. Some stories need a bit of time to get hold of the audience’s imagination, and MacLachlan firmly holds an opinion that a hefty budget TV series is the best approach to tell such a story. He says that “a game of thrones model” is what Dune deserves.

Several other people share his opinion and believe that Dune is a tough grind. Alejandro Jodorowsky who was trying to release the novel in the 1970s said that Dune is “impossible” because of its rare literary qualities.

However, the official soundtrack for the upcoming Villeneuve film is expected to be top-notch with Hans Zimmer providing the music. Zimmer who had worked on all of Christopher Nolan’s projects since the time of the Dark Knight chose not to be part of “Tenet” this time and instead focused all of his energies on Dune.

Denis Villeneuve is also no mugger when it comes to making highly complex and creative movies. He has previously worked on “Arrival”, “Sicario”, “Blade Runner 2049”, “Enemy”, “Prisoners” etc.

“Tesla” starring Ethan Hawke and Kyle MacLachlan will be available in select theatres and on-demand.

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