The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S upgraded controller comes with a share button that eases the pain of scrolling through menus for taking a screenshot.

Earlier in E3 2019, Microsoft teased the name ‘Project Scarlett’ for their next project, but it was in December’s The Game Awards when we first heard about Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles. Microsoft made some major upgrades in the Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles, but the major highlight was the controller’s share button that caught everyone’s attention.

The Xbox Series X/S already made some headlines with its AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures, which delivers true-to-life lighting and reflections effects that imitate real life. But another thing that caught the tech enthusiasts’ attention was the new Share button.

This new Share button is located under the Menu and View buttons. It allows you to instantly capture a screenshot of the gameplay without searching through the menus or using any voice command. But the fun doesn’t end there! The share button can do much more than that. Here is a quick review of the Xbox Series X/S controller’s share button.

How to use the Xbox Series X/S share button?

By default, pressing the Share button will instantly take a 4k screenshot of your screen. Holding the share button for a few seconds allows you to take a 1080p clip of the gameplay up to 30 seconds. You can also share the gameplay/screenshot using the all-new Xbox app for android that shares the image/clip to your friends, family, Xbox game feed, and your social networks.

Earlier in the Xbox One and 360 controllers, taking a screenshot was a hassle. Players have to first scroll through the Xbox Guide, press the ‘Y’ button, and let it get saved on the ‘recent captures’ and then access it and finally share the picture while compromising the gameplay. But the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ditched the traditional way of taking pictures with this new share button.

The new controller works with the older Xbox!

Yes, the new Xbox Series X/S controller works flawlessly with the older Xbox One, and you can also use the older Xbox One controllers with the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S series gaming consoles.

While the new Xbox Series X and series S are not the cheapest gaming consoles on the planet, they provide the best gaming experience for the price.

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